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May 14, 2022

Leafly Is the Leading Legal Cannabis Marketplace In the U.S.

The U.S. cannabis market is exploding! This is your chance to get in on the ground floor!
It’s estimated to hit $130 billion on an annual basis by 2024. It’s already more than half of the U.S. alcohol market, and it’s not even federally legal—yet! Join us in what we believe will be a multi-billion dollar company!

Built as a strain database more than a decade ago, Leafly has played a critical role in destigmatizing cannabis and helping consumers understand the power the plant can play in their own lives. We’ve parlayed our strains expertise into the largest legal cannabis marketplace in the United States. 100 million people visit our site each year to buy cannabis from their local dispensary, to be picked up or delivered to their home. When you read the millions of user-generated reviews for strains and dispensaries on Leafly, you quickly understand why we are the most differentiated marketplace in the cannabis industry.

Our independent newsroom is the trusted source for cannabis education, news, and trends. From Cannabis 101 to our flagship Jobs Report to our Social Impact hub, Leafly shines a light on the plant and the industry. We’ve leveraged our position as the trusted authority on all things cannabis in order to influence prohibition-ending legislation efforts across the country, and to partner with other mission-driven organizations that are building a more just and equitable future for our industry.

Our Teams and Our Tech

We work in cross-functional squads, with product owners, designers, and engineers working side-by-side toward shared goals. We strive to maximize squad autonomy - standardizing tech, tools, and process just enough so that squads are accelerated rather than slowed. We aim for each squad to have the right mix of full stack, web, and api developers, so that together they are equipped to solve whatever problems come their way. We look to each person to bring their expertise and passion to the table, as well as the ability to roll up their sleeves and help where it’s needed.

The main technical players: JavaScript (React, TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js), Rails, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Grafana, Datadog.

What We Look For In Our Engineers
- You prioritize users. You’re results oriented, pragmatic, and good at negotiating tradeoffs between technical objectives and product objectives.
- Iterative and data-driven. You know how to break down the work in order to frequently deliver incremental value. You’re experienced with testing into better solutions than we originally envisioned.
- Technical excellence and a growth mindset. You’re passionate about honing your craft and writing high quality code that inspires your teammates.
- Depth and breadth. Where you're an expert, you’ll hit the ground running and lead by example. Where you’re not, you’re ready to learn quickly.
- Self-starter and collaborative. You’re comfortable working independently as well as pairing or swarming with your teammates. You ask for help when you need it, and you help others when they need it.
- You will make us better. You bring expertise, skills, or perspective we could use more of. You’ll help us make better decisions, and build better products.

Position Summary

The Leafly Integrations team is dedicated to building customer driven solutions powered by Leafly and Partner APIs. A Senior API Engineer will be a critical member of the team and passionate about building, deploying and maintaining APIs, their communication with downstream systems and the 3rd party developer experience. You will partner with Product and Engineering to drive alignment and progress of cross-functional initiatives and key priorities. You have demonstrated knowledge in our stack and a proven track record of solving problems regardless of the specific technology or problem domain. You care deeply about software quality, operability and the developer experience. You value a collaborative environment, are an effective communicator and collaborator and a technical mentor to the team. You have strong opinions about how we build things and your opinions are loosely held. And while it’s not a requirement, if you are passionate about Cannabis many of us are too! Leafly is looking for you!

- Become a SME on Leafly’s current APIs, integration partner stack and architecture
- Research and provide technical and strategic insight on industry best practices for usability, performance, scalability, design and maintainability
- Collaborate with Product and Engineering to design new APIs and establish code, design and writing standards
- Analyze 3rd party Partner APIs and translate technical requirements to task specifications
- Serve as lead engineer for assigned integration projects, writing and shipping code daily to maintain new and existing integrations
- Conduct peer reviews to ensure code developed meets our coding standards
- Serve as a technical support resource with Leafly Support and 3rd party integration partners in identifying, troubleshooting and resolving integration issues
- Demonstrated ability to embrace, learn and apply new technologies and tools

Preferred Qualifications
- 5+ years experience shipping and supporting high-scale, high-performance web applications in a cloud environment
- Experience with the latest web technologies, tools and practices; experience with more than one server-side technology
- Expertise in HTTP, web application architecture, scalability, performance optimization, reliability, deployment, monitoring, security
- Expert in your domain and comfortable working with at all layers: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web services, APIs, SQL
- Experience with Agile squads and processes

The job description is representative of typical duties and responsibilities for the position and is not all-inclusive. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned in accordance with business needs. Prior cannabis convictions are not an automatic disqualifier. We are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetics. A background check will be conducted after a conditional offer of employment is extended.


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