Retail Security Associate

Job Description

Posted on: 
May 11, 2022

Job Title: Security Associate (Retail)
Department: Retail
Supervisor: Retail Store Manager
Home Location: Easthampton
Position Summary*
The Retail Security Associate is responsible for ensuring the safe and secure operation of Company Retail facilities. This person must provide an orderly and secure environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

Responsibilities & Duties
- Authorizes and monitors facility access for employees, customers, and visitors by checking IDs, providing escorts, and completing and retaining applicable records while maintaining the customer experience
- Monitors front door access to maintain occupancy limits and provide crowd control
- Monitors facility camera systems for routine audits and incident investigations, as needed
- Assists Retail team with incident response, including de-escalation and conflict management. Escalates issues to management and/or law enforcement if appropriate
- Maintains all incident documentation
- Conducts property and premises inspections; performs trash removal and ensures all entryways are clear of obstruction
- Performs ice and snow removal during inclement weather
- Monitors emergency cell phone and forwards incoming calls to employees
- Assists with inter-facility receipt of deliveries
- Performs random audits of employee agent license credentials to ensure compliance
- Monitors parking lot area to provide traffic control
- Assists Retail with customer service responsibilities as needed
- Willing and able to accommodate a flexible schedule, including evening, weekend, and holiday work

Qualifications & Skills
- Must be at least 21 years of age
- High school diploma or GED required
- Previous experience in a security, corrections, or law enforcement environment preferred
- Previous retail, hospitality, and/or customer service experience preferred
- Basic computer skills required; data entry experience preferred
- Basic math skills including adding and subtraction required
- Outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic attitude required
- Must have a reliable personal vehicle


Attention to Detail – Ability to perform monitoring and maintain compliance with complex regulations

Confidentiality – Ability to maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive information

Customer Relations – Ability to provide professional customer service and positively represent the Insa brand

Physical Requirements: 
- Ability to stand and walk for an 8+ hour shift
- Ability to lift and carry up to 50lbs occasionally
- Ability to stoop, kneel, and bend at the waist
- Visual acuity needed for viewing computer screens and fine print

Workplace Environment: 
- Frequent exposure to external weather conditions including sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow
- Frequent exposure to cannabis odor

Job Type: Full-time


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