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May 14, 2022

Dreamfields is one of the top 5 companies in the cannabis industry through our leading #1 pre-roll brand, Jeeter. The company is very passionate about producing world class, high quality, innovative products, delivering unprecedented customer experiences, having cutting-edge marketing and operations, and having an amazing company culture & thriving work environment. With over 600+ employees we are proud to be one of the most loved employers in the cannabis industry!

Headquartered near Palm Springs, CA the company continues to experience exponential month over month growth as one of the fastest growing companies in the cannabis industry and we have begun our aggressive national expansion to all the legalized cannabis states in the USA. The company is currently expanding to new states (Arizona and Michigan) and we're building a 130,000 sq ft state of the art facility at our corporate headquarters in Desert Hot Springs, CA. to meet the demands of the California market and setting up new territories & facilities nationwide.

We are currently hiring an adaptable, engaged, and reliable Production Lead to work from our facility located in Hazel Park and Warren, Michigan and who will focus on assisting the department with employee management, production quotas and goals, data tracking in excel, new hire training, and overall daily production employee performance.

Reporting to: Production Supervisor, Manager and/or Director


  1. Summary
  • Production Line Leads are responsible for ensuring that their assigned team is following company policies and procedures on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

  • Responsible for ensuring that employees are hitting their daily quotas and providing coaching or corrective action to team members on a daily basis. These issues must be handled in real time.

  • Oversees quality control for their assigned production area.

  • Responsible for Data Tracking & Department Logs. This may include but is not limited to quarterly, daily, and weekly reports.

  • Responsible for training all new hires in their prospective roles.

  • Acts as a liaison between each of the other production subdivisions and communicates efficiently with other leads to optimize production workflow.

  • Communicates timely, concisely, and efficiently with their direct supervisor to report any issues on the production floor.

  1. Policies and Procedures
  • Must ensure all direct reports are:

  • Wearing appropriate PPE and in the appropriate uniform

  • Following GMPs

  • Following sanitation and safety procedures

  • Following sanitation and safety procedures

  • Attending their scheduled shifts

  • Adhering to proper break schedule

  • Report any break of policy to Supervisor or Manager.

  1. Production Quotas
  • This is your responsibility to coach & motivate the team to achieve individual and team goals. Please explain the goals clearly, and do so in a positive manner. If there is an issue or employee resistance – please reach out to the Supervisor, Manager or Director to handle the situation.

  • Responsible for coaching and providing corrective actions to employees that are failing to meet quotas.

  • Responsible for auditing and reporting underperformance via email to supervisor or manager.

  1. Quality Control
  • Acts as quality control to ensure that all direct reports are maintaining the quality standards required.

  • Routinely audits employee's quality by consistently walking around and being hands on with the technicians.

  • Routinely verifies weights and aesthetic (every hour, minimum)

  • Conduct time studies on a consistent basis

  • Tracks rejected product and communicates this with their Supervisors and other leads to ensure the mistakes are corrected.

  1. Data Tracking & Logs
  • Responsible for completing the following spreadsheets:

  • Daily Employee Performance Spreadsheet

  • Quarterly - Production Quarterly Tracker

  • Subdepartment specific documentation

  • P1 - Kief Log

  • P1 - Infusion Log

  • P2 - Bin Tracker Spreadsheet

  • P2 - Bin Sheets

  • P2/Trailer - Label Machine Logs

  • P3 - Knockbox Logs

  • Cleaning Logs

  1. Training
  • Leads are responsible for training all new hires within their assigned production area.

  • Using the SOPs, leads are expected to provide an adequate and thorough explanation of our procedures of our proprietary processes. Leads must have the employees sign off on the SOPs and place them in their production folder.

  1. Communication
  • Leads must communicate effectively with their supervisor to ensure that all elements of production are running smoothly. This includes feedback on meeting goals, performance, quality, equipment, materials, employees, etc.



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