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May 11, 2022

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Location: Remote

Full Time: 40+ hours per week; or

Part Time: 20 hours per week or less

Job Description:

Trulieve a/k/a Harvest is seeking highly-talented law school students to participate in our Legal Internship program. We are currently offering part and full-time positions in-semester and during Summer 2022. Remote/flexible position as to location.

Qualified applicants will be offered temporary internship positions at the nation?s largest cannabis company. Students will gain exposure to a typical in-house legal department and the niche industry of regulated cannabis simultaneously.

In many respects, we operate just like any other company and endeavor in traditional fields of practice such as but not limited to employment law, contracts, M&A, securities, government affairs, risk management, communications, and more. From the cannabis perspective though, students will learn about unique and complex state statutory and regulatory structures, compliance topics such as age-sensitive marketing, state and local licensure processes, municipal law, policy work, and more. The possibilities are endless here at Trulieve and we look forward to engaging young legal scholars in pursuit of their chosen careers, whether that be within the cannabis industry or elsewhere.

Skills gained at Trulieve will be transferable to any future endeavor. Our team of talented attorneys, senior leadership, and staff will guide students in office behavior, effective communication techniques, email etiquette, task management, and all of the untaught skills that make employment candidates shine.


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