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Why Remote Jobs in the Cannabis Industry is Trending

March 31, 2022

At first glance — it’s challenging to imagine remote jobs in the cannabis industry.

From marijuana cultivation to bud tending and everything in between, what position could you apply for while working behind your computer?

Well, as a matter of fact — remote cannabis jobs are booming because of the wide diversity of positions. Below, we’ll discuss why remote jobs in the cannabis industry are gaining in popularity — and why they are here to stay.

Work in the Cannabis Industry From Anywhere

One of the primary perks of working remotely in the cannabis industry is the simple fact that you can work from anywhere.

Whether you call the Bahamas or Budapest home — it doesn’t matter when you’ve landed a remote position. As long as your residence (or hostel) has a speedy internet connection, you’re completely capable of working online.

However, depending on your location, you’ll need to be aware of time differences. In any case, you won’t mind hitting the beach or trail in the morning while your employers are still asleep.

Remote Cannabis Jobs Offer a New Sense of Convenience

Ask anyone that’s gone remote — it’s one of the most convenient ways to work.

Whether you wish to work in your pajamas or not is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to remote cannabis jobs. One of the biggest perks is that you can say goodbye to stress-riddled commutes.

Furthermore, you don’t have to clock in or partake in any formalities of working in person. Remote cannabis jobs are far from the traditional work that we’re used to, and it's extremely worth it if you’re ready to have a greater sense of freedom throughout your day.

Remote Cannabis Jobs are Diverse

Whether you’re a content producer or a web designer — there are many opportunities to work remotely in the cannabis industry.

The world is becoming digitized, and it’s clear that remote jobs will soon become far more normal than they are today. Therefore, there’s room for many different skills, such as:

  • Developer
  • Accountant
  • Content producer
  • Consultant
  • Sales representative
  • And much more

The possibilities are nearly endless, especially if you’re a skilled coder that can build the next killer app for a cannabis business.

Remember, the remote field in the cannabis industry is relatively new (as well as other industries), so it’s your task to blaze the path. Although remote cannabis jobs are plentiful — the masses have yet to arrive.

In other words — make your move now!

Remote Jobs in the Cannabis Industry Pay Well

Another excellent reason it’s high tide to move to a remote position in the cannabis industry is the potential salary.

Once again, remote jobs in the cannabis industry tend to be niche. In other words, most remote positions are specialized roles that are critical to the company's success.

For example, software and web developers are paid an incredibly lucrative wage ($75,000-150,000) because they offer a highly technical skillset that helps brands reach more clients.

Another example is content producers that are hired by cannabis brands to create digital content. If you’ve been waiting to put your English degree to use — this is it!

Meet Co-Workers From Around the Globe

As a remote worker — you’ll come to find that your co-workers are from all around the world.

Although this isn’t always the case, many cannabis brands find talent from all corners of the globe. Therefore, working a remote job in the cannabis industry offers a unique opportunity for you to work with new and exciting individuals.

Although your conversations are likely limited to Zoom meetings — there’s something special when chatting with a co-worker from France or South Africa.

Remote Cannabis Jobs Allow You to Have More Free Time

Have you ever wished that you had more free time while working a traditional 9-5 job?

If so, working from your computer provides you with more free time than you’re used to. Whether it’s spending more time with your family, friends, or pets — remote jobs allow you to (generally) work at your own pace.

Remember, time-wasting events, like commutes, no longer exist once you embrace the digital work life. Therefore, it’s up to you to spend the day (and night) as you please.

Many studies affirm the fact that workers with more free time are happier and experience a higher quality of life. Overall, you won’t regret going remote once you realize that you can make your own schedule and live the life you want.

Remote Cannabis Jobs Promote Productivity

In most traditional cannabis jobs — workers clock in and out for a 7-8-hour shift.

Many studies show that productivity decreases after the 4-hour mark. However, our society has yet to embrace this scientific fact. Since the managerial aspect of society has yet to understand the importance of productivity — it’s up to you to increase it by going remote.

By working fewer hours during the day, remote workers in the cannabis industry are statistically likely to be more productive. Whether it’s the convenience of working at home or the vibe of your current location — you’ll get much more work done in less time while working from your computer.

Find a Remote Cannabis Job at Herb Career

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your current traditional job and replace it with a modern remote position — head over to Herb Career.

Herb Career offers a dedicated section for remote workers and employers. Therefore, you won’t have difficulty finding the ideal job once you begin browsing the myriad of positions.

Whether you want to join the cannabis industry or are already involved — going remote is one of the best things you can do in 2022. Don’t wait until everyone wants to go remote — the time is now!

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