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Top 10 Cannabis Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs

October 18, 2021

Cannabis is an exciting and rapidly growing industry with all kinds of companies hiring for positions across the board. Most of the well-known companies in the market offer remote work, meaning you can find a perfect cannabis career no matter where you live. A a recent cannabis jobs report from Leafly proved that the U.S. cannabis industry alone supports 321,000 full-time jobs. This number only continues to grow.

Continue reading to see our list of the 10 best cannabis companies currently offering remote work. 

1. weedmaps

photo courtesy of weedmaps

weedmaps is the biggest and fastest-growing online cannabis dispensary listing and reviews site. At its core, weedmaps helps connect customers with dispensaries and vice versa as well as discuss and find information on all things cannabis. They currently operate out of offices in Irvine, California, and Denver, Colorado but often hire remote workers for a variety of Positions. 

weedmaps is growing fast and adding new positions by the day. As proof, they recently filed for an IPO listing to raise additional funds.  This move to go public proves the insatiable appetites investors have for profitable cannabis companies. Today, weedmaps is the consumer-facing arm of WM Holding Company, which is a tech company that offers a range of cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) products to the cannabis industry. 

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“Culture is relaxed with lots of teams being able to work remotely a good portion of the time, and free lunch every day doesn't hurt.” - Weedmaps Employee Review (glassdoor)

2. Eaze

photo courtesy of CannabisNow

If you live in California, you’ve surely seen billboards or heard of the delivery service Eaze. Their delivery range stretches practically statewide in most of the larger cities. They boast a physical headquarters in San Francisco, Ca giving them a sort of Silicon Valley appeal. You can think about it as a DoorDash type app and website, but for cannabis. 

Eaze’s reputation is generally favorable among customers and their delivery drivers are highly professional. With delivery hubs across the state, the company is no stranger to managing workers and drivers remotely. They’re commonly hiring for jobs in fields like human resources, marketing, software development, social media, and more. 

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"Wonderful culture, really seem to care about employee welfare" - Eaze Employee Review (glassdoor)

3. Canopy Growth 

photo courtesy of Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth, based out of Canada, happens to be the first federally licensed, regulated, and publicly traded cannabis company in North America. Canopy offers a range of products for the medical and recreational markets with its house of brands including Tweed, Tokyo Smoke, Martha Stewart CBD, Doja, DNA Genetics, and more. The company also secured a partnership with American alcohol distributor Constellation Brands, which resulted in a $4-Billion investment in Canopy.

With operations across Canada and eventual expansion into the United States, Canopy Growth is growing fast. That means they’re looking for plenty of full-time remote and on-site jobs. Keep checking back because they continue adding new jobs in a variety of disciplines. 

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"Young, innovative, modern and fun place to work" - Canopy Growth Employee Review (glassdoor)

4. dutchie 

dutchie employees at the office
photo courtesy of dutchie

Dutchie is a cannabis software company that offers e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions for dispensaries. The company is constantly hiring for a range of positions and they offer competitive salaries. You’ll find current openings in departments like engineering, finance, customer success, software development, and more. Some of the perks of working full-time for Dutchie include healthcare coverage, generous PTO, wellness packages, flexible hours, remote work, and more. 

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“Dutchie allows me to bring my whole self to work. I don't have to hide any part of my identity to be successful at dutchie. As a woman at dutchie my opinion is heard, not just spoken; I feel supported. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I feel safe and accepted by everyone“ - Dutchie Employee Review (glassdoor)

5. Not pot 

photo courtesy of not pot

Not pot is a CBD company with cheeky branding that’s loved by millennial and Gen Z consumers.  According to their website, not pot’s products are made with natural ingredients that also happen to be good for you and are made without THC. This makes them non-psychoactive and they perform the testing to prove it. 

Not pot happens to boast a diverse and talented mix of employees. They’re hiring fast so keep on checking back for openings. As an added incentive for the work they do, not pot also donates money to the bail of those convicted for marijuana-related offenses. 

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“I believe in the company and its products. As an added bonus, management is always friendly and approachable“ - not pot Employee Review (glassdoor)


photo courtesy of Grav

Grav Labs is a company based out of Texas that makes high-quality glass products with impressive form and function. They offer a range of functional bubblers, hand pipes, water pipes, accessories, and more. In terms of the working environment, Grav Labs claims to have a collection of employees that share a love for both the smoking and glass communities. The company was originally founded in 2004 by those who cared about the subculture of smoking. 

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  1. BDSA
photo courtesy of BDSA

BDSA is a company on a mission to transform the cannabis industry by providing access to data-driven insights, market intelligence, and an overall understanding of the modern consumer. They operate out of a headquarters in Boulder, Colorado but a good amount of roles are offered remotely. They were recently voted as a leading industry employer by MG Retailer and offer a range of modern workplace perks for full-time employees. 

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“A great place to see the industry from a different perspective and find a move into your desired career path.“ - BDSA Employee Review (glassdoor)

8. Leaf Trade

photo courtesy of Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is the leading wholesale marketplace for connecting cannabis sellers and buyers. Their online marketplace helps companies in the cannabis industry scale their business as the market grows at an exponential pace. With its own growth, the company needs to fill out positions across all departments. Some of the perks of working at Leaf Trade include a competitive salary, flexible WFH policy, comprehensive benefits, a 401k, and more. 

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9. Holistic Industries

photo courtesy of Holistic Industries

Holistic Industries is one of the fastest-growing MSO’s in the country that operates in 7 States and employs over 300 people. Some of these employees happen to be at the top of their fields in disciplines like science, agriculture, security, real estate, and marketing. They’re constantly hiring for a wide range of careers across all of their brands and subsidiaries. With owned brands like Liberty and Strain, this is one company that’s exciting to work for. 

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“It is exciting to be a part of this fast-paced and growing industry. It is comforting to work for a company that has all of its ducks in a row and cares about you and your future. The pay is great, the time off is fantastic, the customers are wonderful, and the company values you for your time and ideas. “ - Holistic Industries Employee Review (glassdoor)

10. Akerna 

photo courtesy of Akerna

Akerna Corp consolidates cannabis technology companies and boasts a portfolio of several high-performing subsidiaries. Some of the owned products and platforms include MJ Freeway, Viridian Sciences, 365 Sciences, and more. Like all of the companies mentioned above, Akerna Corp is always looking for talent to fill roles within all of its owned subsidiaries. 

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Stay Up to Date on Remote Cannabis Jobs

Cannabis is an exciting new industry and jobs tend to fill up fast. Your best bet for finding a job is to check regularly to make sure you’re up to date on the most recent postings. We hope you found an intriguing position from the list above, but you can browse Herb Career to view even more up-to-date cannabis jobs. Have a remote cannabis job you’re looking to fill? Reach out and let us know. 

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