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The Highest Paying Cannabis Jobs in 2022

March 31, 2022

If you think you’re late to the cannabis industry — think again.

The cannabis industry is just getting started, and many different positions pay top-shelf salaries in the United States and abroad.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the highest-paying jobs in the cannabis industry. From master growers to canna chefs — you’ll be surprised at how much you can make by landing one of these positions during your job hunt in 2022.

Master Grower

As you’d expect — the head grower of a cannabis operation is paid exceedingly well.

However, the master grower position comes with a myriad of responsibilities, such as maintaining a fluid cannabis garden that performs cycle after cycle. In any case, master growers are known to be the best cannabis cultivators in the world — hence the high annual salary.

Overall, a master grower may earn between $75,000-150,000 per year. The highest salaries are typically found in states such as California and Colorado.

As you’d imagine, it’s not easy to become a master grower. Most master growers paid their dues by mastering their craft during the illegal years prior to legalization.

However, many agricultural specialists who have managed lucrative farms and production facilities are in high demand for cannabis operations.

If you don’t have high-level experience, don’t worry — it’s not unheard of that low-level grow techs climb the ladder towards the master grower position.

Cannabis Consultant

As with any other industry — cannabis consultants are some of the highest earners due to their specialty.

From branding to business strategy, cannabis consultants are in high demand for their knowledge of growing a cannabis-based business. Furthermore, cannabis consultants may be hired for their understanding of a specific topic, such as hydroponic cultivation or insect pest management.

Overall, a cannabis consultant’s job is to help a business earn more money while staying on the right side of regulations.

The salary of a cannabis consultant ranges from $100,000-150,000.

As you can imagine, cannabis consulting is extremely niche and requires in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. When a cannabis business hires a consultant — they are looking for something in particular.

So, if you believe you fit the profile of a cannabis consultant because you know business law, strategy, or cultivation — give it a try!

Extraction Specialist

Long gone are the days of backyard BHO specialists.

Now, legal cannabis companies are legally required to produce concentrates under strict regulations. Therefore, extraction specialists are in-demand to produce top-tier marijuana extracts, such as shatter, live resin, pull n’ snap, and more.

However, becoming an extraction specialist requires a massive level of knowledge regarding chemistry and physics. Therefore, it’s no wonder why a Master’s or Ph.D. in organic chemistry are prerequisites for most extraction specialist positions.

Overall, extraction specialists earn between $75,000-150,000 per year. Companies that produce popular cannabis extracts are likely to pay the highest annual salary possible because their reputation is on the line.

Cannabis Dispensary COO or CFO

If you want to land a big yearly salary — look no further than the chief of operations or financial operations at a local cannabis dispensary.

As a cannabis dispensary operator — nothing keeps the business moving like the COO or CFO. The COO is responsible for all operations that take place at the dispensary. From cultivation operations to employee management, the COO is loaded with tasks to accomplish.

Similarly, the CFO is responsible for all financial tasks at the dispensary. From income reporting to managing cash flow from daily operations — the CFO is an accounting extraordinaire

With so much responsibility, it’s no wonder why COOs and CFOs earn a salary of $100,000-125,000 per year.

If you have what it takes to handle either the financial or operations side of tasks at a local cannabis dispensary — apply before it’s too late!

Edibles Chef

That’s right — talented chefs are leaving behind Michelin-rated restaurants to start their own cannabis edibles or work for an established edible brand.

Cannabis edibles are by far one of the most popular marijuana-based products in the industry. Therefore, it’s no surprise that brands need skilled chefs to create unforgettable edibles infused with cannabis.

From chocolate bars to cannabis-infused three-course meals and everything in between, there’s nothing quite as exciting as working as an edibles chef.

Overall, edible chefs are rewarded with an annual salary of $50,000-100,000.

Whether you work for a world-famous restaurant or you’re fresh out of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts — the edibles chef position is one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry.

Dispensary CEO

Although it’s obvious — cannabis dispensary owners earn one of the highest salaries in the industry.

Owning a cannabis dispensary takes a lot of money due to licensing. However, once your business is operational — it’s one of the most lucrative opportunities out there.

Overall, dispensary CEOs typically rake in $100,000-150,000 per year. However, owners of extremely popular dispensaries can walk away with much more.

Yet, owning a cannabis dispensary isn’t a walk in the park. From strict regulations to tax nightmares, you must be ready for anything and everything if you think you have what it takes to become a marijuana dispensary CEO.

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