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Requirements to Work in the Legal Cannabis Industry

December 15, 2021

So you think you want to start a new career at a legal cannabis company? Depending on the location, role, and type of business you may need to meet different requirements to get hired. For example, country by country and state by state (in the U.S.) the industries can vary in terms of rules and regulations

With that said, applying to non-plant touching companies and positions isn’t much different than landing a job in any other industry. 

1. Be Professional

People tend to think working in the cannabis industry is all fun, games, and weed. The truth is, working in the legal cannabis industry is often no different than for any other business. Legal companies and ancillary producers are now part of a large global industry with plenty of stakeholders involved. Don’t get us wrong. Working in the cannabis industry is fun, but real work needs to get done. 

2. Familiarize Yourself With the Industry

Most positions won’t require you to be an expert on all things cannabis. With that said, you should brush up on the industry before zooming in for an interview. If you want to work for a non-plant touching or cannabis tech company, you won’t have to deal with the legal headaches that plant-touching operations face. These companies must follow all of the regulations set forth by the State, Country, or Province they operate in. You can learn more about the cannabis industry by following along with the Herb Career Blog

3. Be Adaptable

The cannabis industry, especially in the U.S., is constantly in flux. That’s because laws and regulations continue to change as cannabis moves mainstream. Therefore, cannabis-related businesses need to act like nimble startups that can adapt and innovate on the fly. That means the managers at these companies value employees who are light on their feet and open to change. 

4. Ask Questions

As long as they’re constructive, employers love workers who ask questions. It shows that you’re interested in what you’re doing and want to continue to learn. You should ask about things like your immediate job title, the broader cannabis industry, where your employer fits in the market, career advice, and how you can continue providing value in your position. Asking questions is just half of the equation, you’ll also need to listen and take any advice you receive to heart. 

5. Embrace Remote Work

Plant-touching roles often don’t have the luxury of moving remote, but most other roles do. More specifically, most cannabis companies grew out of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced them to embrace the role of remote employees. Some people love the ability to work from anywhere, but others may find it isolating. Other employees love the idea of remote work because it gives them the chance to work for cannabis-related companies no matter where they live in the world. 

You can browse active remote-friendly job listings from the top companies in the industry right here.

6. Pursue Outside Knowledge

This one may be optional rather than a requirement, but it’s a smart move nonetheless. You can start by completing a cannabis-specific certification course, build on professional skills relevant to your current role, and take positions in outside forums or groups. Depending on your job title, you may even need specific certifications in order to get hired. Quality managers will recognize employees who go beyond in their role and hopefully reward you accordingly. 

7. Possess a Resume That Shows Your Skills

Writing and perfecting your resume is an important step in applying and securing any job. That’s because a quality resume highlights your transferable skills and gives employers a brief overview of your work history. As mentioned, you may not need any industry experience to land a job in cannabis, but you need to prove how you can bring the company value. Your resume should do just that. 

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