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Human Resources Jobs in the Cannabis Industry 

April 7, 2022

If you have a background in human resources, check out these cannabis industry jobs in your field. 

Why work in the cannabis industry? 

Recruiting, hiring, training, paying, and firing – it’s all in a day’s work for people who work in Human Resources (HR). 

If you currently work in HR and are looking for a new job, consider a position in the cannabis industry. 

As one of the fastest-growing industries in America (and across the globe), the cannabis industry is flooded with new companies. They need professionals like you to handle the long list of tasks overseen by the HR department. 

Leverage your previous experience as an HR professional to secure the job of your dreams in the cannabis industry. It’s the perfect opportunity to secure a better position doing what you like at a company you love. 

Facts about cannabis industry job growth 

Two factors are influencing exponential growth in the cannabis industry: legalization and popularity. As more states legalize cannabinoids and hemp-derived products, more people are being introduced to them. And as people fall in love with these products, they are urging their state governments to legalize them. 

Nowadays, there is certainly no shortage in the supply of cannabis industry jobs. In just the year 2021, jobs grew over 33 percent, and over 100,000 jobs were added to the industry. It’s important to keep in mind that this exponential growth occurred despite the numerous challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. This huge jump put the total number of cannabis industry jobs at over 428,000. Since 2014, cannabis industry jobs have experienced growth more than 27% each year. 

It’s estimated that once cannabis is legal across the country, the industry could provide Americans a whopping 1.75 million jobs. Now’s your chance to get started working in the cannabis industry. Check out Herbcareer’s job board for tons of industry jobs you’ll actually want to apply for. 

Human resources jobs in the cannabis industry 


HR workers know their jobs require them to wear many hats. Aside from hiring and firing employees, HR professionals also administer benefits, manage payroll, and handle conflicts between employees. 

With many new companies looking to hire qualified individuals to fill their HR departments, there is a huge need for HR professionals. If you have a passion for people, there’s a place for you in cannabis HR. And if you already have experience in HR – you have a huge advantage. 

Check out these awesome roles you can fill in the cannabis industry: 

● Benefits Specialist 

As a benefits specialist, you are responsible for administering benefits and retirement programs. Basically, you are the go-to person for information about vision, dental, life insurance, 401(k) plan, and any other employer-supported programs. In this role, you need to have extensive knowledge regarding employee benefits and laws. 

Do you live in Colorado? Check out this awesome benefits specialist position at Wurk in Colorado. This full-time salary pays up to $52k, plus they have a slew of incredible benefits for you too. Paid parental leave and a dog-friendly work environment? Heck yes. 

● Payroll Manager 

If you have experience in payroll, cannabis industry companies need your skills. Every company needs someone to manage distributing payments to employees. Some companies hire outside contractors to fill this role, while others hire payroll managers in house. Aside from managing payroll, the responsibilities of this position also include overseeing other team members, providing training, and calculating taxes. In this role, extensive knowledge on tax laws is required. 

LeafLink, the largest unified B2B cannabis platform, is currently hiring a payroll manager for their human resources department. This remote, full-time position requires candidates to have mid-level HR experience, but pays a salary range between $85k to $108k. 

● Human Resources Director 

A human resources director is the leader of the HR department; overseeing its policies, activities, and staff members. They are responsible for hiring and training new staff, providing performance evaluations, and terminating staff according to company policy. They are also in charge of managing the department’s daily workflow. If you are a great communicator with excellent management skills, consider a job as a human resources director in the cannabis industry.

If you’re ready to take on a senior-level position in cannabis HR, check out this role at Oregrown. This part-time, remote position as a Human Resources Director pays between $52k and $60k (which sounds pretty sweet, if you ask us). Aside from the flexible work environment and 30-hour work week, you’ll get three weeks of paid time off. 

Tips for applying to cannabis human resources jobs 

Here are some of the best tips for getting your dream HR job in the cannabis industry. 

● Leverage your prior HR experience: 

With your prior HR experience, you should feel confident about finding a great job in cannabis. There are plenty of new cannabis companies eager to hire quality individuals to fill their HR departments. In your interview, share your accomplishments, skills, and any applicable experiences that make you the best candidate for the position. 

● Lean on your professional network for support: 

Having quality references is a crucial part of the hiring process. Be sure to let your references know that a prospective employer will be contacting them to talk about you. If your reference knows you are looking for a position in advance, they can prepare to speak highly of you. At the very least, they probably won’t rudely answer or ignore the call! Learn more about building your professional network in the cannabis industry here. 

● Make a great impression: 

During an interview, make a great impression by putting forth the best possible version of yourself. Make it easy for your recruiters to envision how you would fit the role and what it would be like to work alongside you. 

Find an HR job you love in the cannabis industry 

Herbcareer is the best place to search for jobs in the cannabis industry. We sort available jobs by location, title, hiring company, department, and experience level – so it’s easy to find a job that’s right for you. 

Ready to find your perfect fit in cannabis HR? Check out Herbcareer’s HR jobs here

Once your interview date is scheduled, check out our Learning Hub, which has resources to help you land your cannabis industry dream job

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