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How to Write the Perfect Cannabis Industry Resume

November 2, 2021

Cannabis is inching toward impending federal legalization in the United States. In the meantime, there are already 321,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in that same market with plenty more across the world. This number will continue to grow exponentially. In most cases, you can work remotely for a cannabis company even if the drug is currently illegal in your State or Country. 

To work in this new and constantly shifting industry, you need to be quick on your feet and a fast learner. In many positions, you won’t need prior cannabis experience or knowledge, but your resume should demonstrate to companies what kind of value you can bring. Continue reading for Herb Career’s guide to writing a perfect cannabis industry resume and finding a job. 

Mandatory Sections on a Cannabis Resume

  • Professional Summary:  The professional summary is typically a brief statement that clearly answers why you are the most qualified person for the job. This should be around three to five sentences long and easy to read. If you don’t have any specific cannabis industry experience, we suggest quickly stating how your relevant skills transfer. 
  • Work Experience Section: Once again, you don’t have to have previous industry work experience to land a job. Therefore, simply list out your past experiences and see if you can relate any of your job duties back to cannabis. 
  • Education Section: If you have a college degree, this is the place to highlight it. If you did not attend college you can also opt to add your high school education. On the other hand, may also choose to include any relevant additional courses or certificates earned. 
  • Relevant Skills Section: This section is the place to list out all the soft and hard skills that make you a good candidate for the job. If you have any direct cannabis skills from past cannabis experience, perfect! For the most part, we suggest listing out skills that effectively transfer over to legal cannabis companies. We suggest keeping this list around 10-15 relevant skills. 
  • Contact Information: Some mandatory forms of contact information we always recommend adding are your name, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn URL (not mandatory but highly recommended). On the other hand, you may choose to include things like social media handles, blog, portfolio website, and more. 
  • Resume Header: The header is where you should place your name and additional contact information. 

These sections should be included on each and every cannabis industry resume. With that being said, there are plenty of optional sections you may or may not choose to add to your resume. Keep in mind that your resume shouldn’t be any longer than one page long. Only add additional sections if you believe they truly provide value to your application. 

Optional Sections of a Cannabis Industry Resume

  • Certifications & Licenses 
  • Accomplishments, awards, and honors
  • Languages 
  • Volunteer Work 
  • Relevant Professional Associations 
  • Hobbies & Interests 
  • ETC...

Transferrable Skills to Add to Cannabis Industry Resume

If you don’t have direct previous experience with a cannabis-related company it’s a good idea to highlight any skills that may transfer. That’s because most of the skills that make you good at your job in other sectors often transfer just as well to the cannabis industry. The skills listed below are particularly valued by most different types of cannabis companies. 

Resume Skills That Apply to the Cannabis Industry

  • Customer Service
  • Experience with point-of-sale systems
  • Ability to lead or work directly with a team
  • Time Management 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Strong communication skills
  • ETC...

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Cannabis Industry Resume

  • Keep it professional: You should treat applying to a cannabis company just as you would with any other industry. Keep your resume professional and understand the values of the company before you apply. 
  • Prove the value you’ll bring: If nothing else, the person who reads your resume should walk away with a concrete idea of the value you’ll bring to the company. You can best do this by ensuring you include all of the mandatory sections listed above. 
  • Understand any Relevant Laws & regulations: Different states, countries, and types of cannabis companies (plant-touching vs. non-plant touching) have different rules regulating their business. Be sure that you’re eligible to work for a specific company before applying. 
  • Proofread and Proofread Again: No matter what position you’re applying for, spotting a typo is enough for a hiring manager to take you out of the running. We suggest slowly reading over your resume a couple of times and ideally getting a second set of eyes on it. For an added layer of proofreading, you can utilize tools like Grammarly
  • Make Your Resume Scannable: Cannabis companies are busy and the sad truth is your resume may only get a brief scan. That means you should break your resume up into clear sections with bold headers. 

How to Find Cannabis Industry Jobs to Apply For

Cannabis is a rapidly evolving industry and jobs tend to fill up fast. With that said, new positions open at top companies each and every day. Many of these jobs also happen to be open for remote work. Your best bet for landing a role at a cannabis company is to check cannabis career sites like Herb Career regularly. All of the positions posted are vetted for legitimacy and updated regularly so you know you’re applying to an active listing. 

When most people think of cannabis jobs, they think of chill stoner-type growers and budtenders. The truth is, there’s outsized demand for skilled workers in common fields like sales and marketing among the top cannabis companies in the world. Continue reading below for a list of the top 5 remote jobs in the industry. 

Top 5 Remote Cannabis Industry Jobs in 2021

  1. Marketing 
  2. Business Development
  3. Human Resources 
  4. Software Development
  5. Legal
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