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How to Ditch Stoner Stereotypes in the Cannabis Industry

July 31, 2022

The cannabis industry is quickly pivoting away from stoner stereotypes and heading in a more professional direction.

Although the stereotypes aren’t going anywhere among consumers, cannabis industry workers must professionally present themselves — especially if they want to keep their jobs.

Whether you have a cannabis job or you’re on the hunt — read along as we detail how to ditch stoner stereotypes in the cannabis industry.

Why the Cannabis Industry Wants to Leave Stoner Stereotypes Behind

As of 2021, the North American cannabis market was worth well over $25 billion.

Analysts believe that the North American cannabis market will be worth at least $38 billion at the end of 2025. As you can see, these figures are nothing to sneeze at and paint a clear picture of why cannabis industry employers want to ditch stoner stereotypes.

Decades ago, the nascent cannabis industry’s (illicit market) primary clients were young males. Now, however, the legal cannabis industry caters to a wide variety of clients — old and young (18-21+).

Furthermore, cannabis sales are increasing among the wealthy. In other words, the cannabis industry recognizes that it’s no longer catering to young individuals who wish to live the ganja lifestyle.

Instead, the cannabis industry is following the money, which requires them to clean up the industry — starting with its workers.

How You Can Ditch the Stoner Stereotype in the Cannabis Industry

If you are seeking a job in the cannabis industry or already have one — you need to read these tips on professionally presenting yourself.

Remember, first impressions go a long way, and by taking these tips to heart, you’ll have a better chance at landing your dream cannabis job (or holding onto it).

Personal Hygiene is Key

How are you presenting yourself when arriving at your dispensary or for a job interview? If you haven’t washed your clothes or don’t brush your teeth, you might find yourself in a predicament. For those of you showing up to a job interview as if you just got out of bed — don’t be surprised when you don’t receive a call or email back.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to take care of personal hygiene. From trimming an unruly beard to snipping long fingernails, you must present yourself in the most professional manner possible.

Professional Attire

Ok, it’s clear that wearing a suit isn’t the status quo in the cannabis industry.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should show up to work or a job interview in your favorite Bob Marley t-shirt. Instead, you should strive to present yourself responsibly and professionally.

Therefore, freshly cleaned clothes that are free of rips and tears will considerably improve your chances of an interview. The same can be said while on the job — especially when working at a cannabis dispensary.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, clients unaccustomed to “stoner culture” are more likely to trust the opinion of someone dressed in professional attire compared to someone fitting the stoner stereotype.

Communication Skills and Lingo

Cannabis workers who can clearly articulate products' facts are indispensable because they give customers a sense of confidence.

For example, a budtender that weaves an incredible description of the terpenes, effects, and bag appeal of a given strain is exactly what clients and employers seek.

If your descriptive skills are limited to dank, fire, bomb, and top-shelf — you won’t inspire much confidence during the selection process. By combining cannabis knowledge with high-quality communication skills, you’ll become an integral part of the brand you work for.

Aside from the retail space, communication and linguistics go far in the realm of business management and production.

Ultimately, enhancing your communication skills is necessary to move beyond the stoner stereotype. In other words, it’s time to show employers and clients that you mean business.

Arrive on Time

Some may call it fashionably late — however, your employer or clients may see this as a telltale sign of stoner stereotypes.

If you work in the cannabis industry — money is time, and time is money. The grind of the industry never stops, and arriving to work late exposes you as the weakest link in the chain of employees.

There isn’t a single industry where arriving late is tolerated. However, many cannabis workers believe there’s an unspoken agreement that arriving a few minutes late is no big deal.

However, $12 billion in cannabis sales in 2021 says otherwise.

If anything, the cannabis industry is transforming into one of the hardest working sectors in the world. Therefore, you need to be ready to arrive on time because the cannabis industry will continue with or without you.

Don’t Come to Work Stoned

In general, people believe that most workers in the cannabis industry are perpetually high on the job.

Although this is likely true to some extent — it’s by no means the norm. In most cases, showing up to work or a job interview while high will likely end your stint in the cannabis industry.

Remember, the cannabis industry is reinventing itself as it becomes more mainstream. Therefore, stay ahead of the curve and leave the weed sesh for after work.

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