Common misconceptions about working in the cannabis industry

They aren’t lazy potheads looking for a scheme to get rich quickly. They are a hard-working, diverse group of people seeking financial stability by sharing their passion for the cannabis plant. 

If you love cannabis, you might be thinking about turning your passion into a profession. 

In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, there are plenty of opportunities to find your dream job. But before you start applying to jobs, check out these common misconceptions about working in the cannabis industry.

You Get Paid to Smoke Weed 

Just like at any other job, consuming weed on the clock is a no-no. While you might get to test new products after work with your pals, you won’t be getting high during work at your cannabis job. Instead, you’ll need to follow all safety regulations so the business doesn’t get fined. 

It’s a common misconception that having a job in the cannabis industry means you get paid to smoke weed. Whether you are a cannabis trimmer, budtender, or brand manager, getting high simply isn’t part of the job description. 

Jobs in the cannabis industry require your undivided attention, so save the bud for after work. Whether you are working with heavy machinery or loyal customers, you need to be in top notch condition for your job. There is a place and time for everything, Chances are that if you are caught consuming on the job – you’ll be fired. 

If you do want a job where you get paid to smoke weed, you’ll have to try your hand at being a cannabis influencer. 

Everyone You Work With is a Pothead 

Don’t believe the common misconception that everyone working in the cannabis industry is a stoner

The cannabis industry is a diverse workforce comprising people of all backgrounds and experiences. Some people love THC, while others don’t consume it at all. Though not everyone gets high, they do share a common passion for the cannabis plant. Many have found incredible relief from THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, so they want to pass that on to others through their work in the cannabis industry. No matter your education or skill set, there is a cannabis industry position out there that you’d be perfect for. 

While men still dominate positions in the cannabis industry, women are joining in increasing numbers. Currently there are Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers working alongside each other, so don’t feel like you are too old or too young to start a cannabis career. 

There are plenty of cannabis industry jobs where dealing with the plant isn’t required at all. In the case of freelancers who provide services in the cannabis niche, the only time they touch cannabis is when they spell it out on their keyboards! The same goes for cannabis brand accountants, social media managers, and any other job that only requires working on a computer. 

If you do want to work directly with the plant, try finding a cannabis trimmer job near you. 

Whether you are a pothead or simply have a passion for the plant, there is a place for you in the cannabis industry. 

Working in the Cannabis Industry is Easy 

While there are enough jobs in the cannabis industry to go around for everyone, that doesn’t mean working in it is a walk in the park. Instead, working in the cannabis industry presents its own set of unique challenges unlike those of any other industry. 

The cannabis industry is uncharted territory for businesses. Federal and state regulations, which are constantly being updated, can be challenging obstacles when establishing a cannabis business. If you find a role at a private company in the cannabis industry, expect that each day will present unexpected challenges that will keep you on your toes. 

Just like with any other industry, there will always be work that no one wants to do. Whether the task is data entry, cleaning, manual labor, or scheduling, chances are that someone on your team won’t want to do it.

Working in the cannabis industry might come with some unforeseen challenges, but it has the potential to become a rewarding career for those who love the plant. 

You Will Get Rich Quickly 

The demand for cannabis has increased the industry’s growth exponentially, but not everyone gets to share in the profits. 

Unless you already have a lot of money and start investing it, getting rich quickly in the cannabis industry will be pretty difficult. Though it is possible to make a wonderful living working a job you love, the cannabis industry is not full of everyday millionaires. At times, it can be a cutthroat industry where profits are valued over people. 

With high risk comes high reward, but it might come at the cost of losing your job. Working at a cannabis industry start-up could land you a hefty sum of money, but the volatility of the market could have you job searching again really quick. Instead, consider jobs in the industry that will help you build the life you want, rather than become enormously wealthy.

While it’s hard not to consider money when applying for cannabis industry jobs, it’s important to think of the big picture. While some positions start at entry-level rates, the experience you get from them will skyrocket you to positions with more responsibility and higher salaries. Rather than apply for jobs based just on the wage, consider other benefits your prospective employer might provide. Job perks like retirement accounts, subsidized healthcare, and paid time off can have a huge impact on your finances as well. You might also consider other benefits like the ability to work remotely or 4 days a week instead of 5. 

Changing the Misconceptions about Cannabis Industry Jobs 

While there are plenty of reasons to join the rapidly-growing cannabis workforce, we hope you won’t join for the common misconceptions we dispelled above. In the same way cannabis lovers changed the public’s opinion about cannabis prohibition, workers in the cannabis industry are changing the public’s perception of themselves. They aren’t lazy potheads looking for a scheme to get rich quickly. They are a hard-working, diverse group of people seeking financial stability by sharing their passion for the cannabis plant. 

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