Cannabis Tech Companies With Open Job Postings

Cannabis tech companies provide ancillary services to the industry and often offer remote work. Check out this list for some of the top companies actively hiring for positions right now

Northern California is home to Silicon Valley and also happens to be one of the most fertile places to grow cannabis in the United States. With the expansion of legal weed, its no wonder tech companies from California and beyond are getting into the space. 

Luckily for job applicants, these types of companies are hiring like crazy for roles related to software development, design, marketing, business development, and plenty more. As an added bonus, most cannabis technology companies are open to remote work or already operate without a central headquarters. Read on for a list of the top companies with open jobs you can apply for today!

1. Weedmaps

man working at weedmaps
Image courtesy of Weedmaps

Weedmaps is the biggest and fastest-growing online cannabis dispensary listing, reviews, and cannabis tech platforms. Since 2008 Weedmaps has helped connect customers with dispensaries and vice versa. Their website also gives users a place to discuss and find information on all things cannabis. Weedmaps operates out of physical offices in Irvine, California and Denver, Colorado but they often hire remote workers for a variety of Positions. 

Nowadays, Weedmaps is the consumer-facing arm of WM Holding Company, which owns and offers a range of cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) products to the cannabis industry. 

Weedmaps recently went public meaning their flush with cash and hiring fast. If you’ve ever dreamed about working at a fun company like Weedmaps, now is the time! 

“Grateful for the time and experience through this employer. I took the knowledge that I had from working here into the cannabis industry as it expanded.” - Weedmaps Employee Review via Indeed

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2. Leafly

employees working together at the leafly office
Image courtesy of Leafly

Leafly is a cannabis tech company and a heavily trafficked online destination for learning about, finding, and ordering cannabis. Similar Weedmaps, Leafly recently file for an IPO and they plan to grow fast. Leafly began as a simple strain review site and cannabis community forum. Today, Leafly is a direct competitor of Weedmaps operating their own dispensary and product listings across the country. You’ll find job listings with Leafly that are offered on-site in Seattle as well as remote-friendly positions. 

“Best company to work for in or outside of the cannabis industry in my opinion” -Leafly Employee Review via Glassdoor

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3. Flowhub

group of employees posing for a picture at flowhub
Image courtesy of Flowhub

Flowhub claims to be the leading cannabis software company offering Metrc-compliant point-of-sale, inventory management, dispensary analytics, mobile id scanners, and plenty of other tech-related solutions. Founded in 2015, Flowhub works with 1000+ dispensaries, processes over $3-billion in annual sales, and has hundreds of employees. The company is well-capitalized and recently secured $19M in strategic funding from Headline, Poseidon, and Jay-Z. Therefore they’re hiring for a wide range of positions in an attempt to grow the Flowhub business. 

“They are transparent and just good honest humans. They are in this not for the profit but for the mission and broader purpose we serve. They really have heart and care about the company, which is very rare. They also seem focused and do a good job of motivating employees and boosting morale.” -Flowhub Employee Review via Comparably 

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4. Akerna Corp 

akerna logo
Image courtesy of Akerna

Akerna Corp boasts a portfolio of valuable cannabis software and technology subsidiaries. Some of these well-known products include MJ Freeway, Viridian Sciences, 365 Sciences, and more. Like the other growth-minded company on this list, Akerna Corp is always looking for talent to fill roles within all of its owned subsidiaries. 

“Access to leadership, transparency, creative freedom, flexible schedules, and lots of autonomy. A great company in an emerging industry where employees get to do daily work that positively impacts the company and industry.” -Akerna Employee Review via GlassDoor

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5. LeafLink

image of an employee working at the leaflink office
Image courtesy of LeafLink

Leaflink is a B2B wholesale cannabis platform that connects 7,000+ retailers with over 2,800 retailers and distributors. They boast the largest network of licensed cannabis businesses by working with more than 10K companies, in 30 markets, and with over $4-Billion in online orders. If you want direct exposure to a variety of companies and brands, working at LeafLink is a great way to spearhead your budding cannabis tech career. 

“A great team of driven employees. The customers in the cannabis industry are fantastic to work with and are appreciative of the things we build for them. The company is moving very fast, so expect to be busy. Also hiring quickly, so there are a lot of new people getting up to speed.” -Leaflink Employee Review via Glassdoor

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6. Dutchie

image of dutchie founders
Image courtesy of Dutchie

Dutchie is a cannabis software company that offers e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions for dispensaries. The company is constantly hiring for a range of positions and they offer competitive salaries. You’ll find current openings in departments like engineering, finance, customer success, software development, and more. Some of the perks of working full-time for Dutchie include healthcare coverage, generous PTO, wellness packages, flexible hours, remote work, and more. 

“Dutchie allows me to bring my whole self to work. I don't have to hide any part of my identity to be successful at dutchie. As a woman at dutchie my opinion is heard, not just spoken; I feel supported. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I feel safe and accepted by everyone“ - Dutchie Employee Employee Review Glassdoor 

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7. Leaf Trade

Image courtesy of Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is the leading wholesale marketplace for connecting cannabis sellers and buyers. Their online marketplace helps companies in the cannabis industry scale their business as the market grows at an exponential pace. With its own growth, the company needs to fill out positions across all departments. Some of the perks of working at Leaf Trade include a competitive salary, flexible WFH policy, comprehensive benefits, a 401k, and more. 

“Upper Management is great, they really listen and value every single employee's opinion. A lot of room to grow and wear multiple hats.” Leaf Trade Employee Review via Indeed

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Stay Up To Date on Cannabis Tech Jobs

The cannabis industry is on fire. Pardon the bad pun. The sector is now one of the leading areas of job growth in almost all States and Countries where the plant is legal. There are plenty of job openings to be found, but you’ll need to check postings on a regular basis to help get your resume seen first. The companies we just talked about are great places to get your foot in the cannabis industry door, but you can visit the Herb Career site to see even more!