Cannabis Influencer Career

Tons of people have crafted careers from the comfort of their own home simply by posting cannabis content that their followers love.

It’s the year 2022, and yes – being a cannabis influencer is a real career

If you haven’t figured it out by now, influencers are making tons of money by simply posting content across their social media channels. Brands are willing to pay influencers to promote products to their huge followings because it’s advertising that sells. 

Customers are more likely to buy a product reviewed by their favorite influencer than something harped by a random model in a television commercial. There is a bond of trust between the influencer and follower that brands are dying to capitalize on. 

The easiest way for influencers to gain a dedicated following is to niche down. Followers strongly identify with influencers who share the same hobbies and values that they do. 

If you love cannabis and aren’t afraid to share your passion for the plant with the world, a career as a cannabis influencer might be right for you. 

Who Do Cannabis Influencers Work With? 

Cannabis influencers are like social media freelancers. Using a camera, computer, and wifi, they can work from anywhere. Despite the freedom to work remotely, the independence of a cannabis influencer job can make it feel lonely at times. 

Just like other influencers, those in the cannabis industry love to collaborate with each other. Whether they produce new content or work on brand projects, cannabis influencers have a lot to gain from collaborating with each other. Collaborating provides an opportunity to introduce themselves to another person’s niche following in the hopes of attracting them to their own page. 

Depending on the attention required to keep up the account, a cannabis influencer may hire a team of freelancers to manage it. This team might be made of virtual assistants, graphic designers, social media managers, and copywriters. A cannabis influencer spends their time creating content and delegating tasks that they can’t do themselves to other members of their team. 

Aside from support team members, cannabis influencers may work with life coaches, business coaches, and accountants to grow their following and business. 

Working with other cannabis influencers and team members helps boost creativity while curbing loneliness. The end result? Awesome content that brand partnerships and customers will love. 

Who Do Cannabis Industry Influencers Work For? 

Due to its rapidly-growing expansion, the cannabis industry is flooded with brands deciding whether to sink or swim in its chaotic waves. Brands are looking for any chance they can get to stand out from the sea of competitors. 

Desperate for recognition, cannabis brands are willing to shell out big bucks to have their products promoted in front of eager paying customers. 

If you can name it, there is a company in the cannabis industry selling it. All of these brands need cannabis influencers to show their products before an audience that trusts them. Cannabis influencers have promoted products like rolling papers, smoking accessories, cleaning products, vapes, and so much more. 

Cannabis influencers work with both new and established brands. With so much innovation occurring, there is a constant influx of new products. But just because there are new products doesn’t mean that the old standbys get any less popular. 

And cannabis influencers don’t solely work with brands in the industry – some even get paid to represent food and clothing brands! Brands know their niche, so if they think stoners will like their product, they want to put it in the hands of someone their niche trusts. 

How Do Cannabis Influencers Get Paid? 

Brands reach out to cannabis influencers to establish partnerships. In most scenarios, the influencer will post content of the product and then get paid for it. You may have seen posts from your favorite influencers tagged with “sponsor” or “ad” to signify that they have partnered with the brand featured in the content. 

The amount the cannabis influencer gets paid depends on their number of followers and engagement. The influencer may even agree to get paid on a sliding scale, depending on how well the post does. Influencers with massive followings can expect to earn hundreds of dollars per post, but even micro-influencers can make a decent amount of money through cannabis brand collaborations. 

When you first get started as a cannabis influencer, brands may ask you for a deal or trade. In this situation, you typically get to keep the products in exchange for posting your honest review. If you love cannabis, getting free products sounds amazing. Cannabis influencers with large followings can expect to get paid and keep the products the brand sent them to try. Influencers can also get paid by selling their own merchandise. 

Due to the prohibition of cannabis content on major social media platforms, cannabis influencers often get shadowbanned or have their accounts removed. It can be difficult for cannabis influencers to gain income through sources like ads on social media because the content is not allowed to be promoted. 

Making a Career as a Cannabis Influencer 

In 2022, it is totally possible to make a career as a cannabis influencer. Tons of people have crafted careers from the comfort of their own home simply by posting cannabis content that their followers love. Running a cannabis influencer business might be a lot of work, but it can be really rewarding too. If you love sharing your passion for cannabis, collaborating with cannabis brands to promote their products can be extremely lucrative. Cannabis influencers without a huge following can still make money, try new products, and engage with their followers. 

If this sounds like a rewarding career for you, you’ll want to assemble a team who can support you. While you may think you can do it all yourself, a cannabis influencer career requires you to have a ton of different skills. Sometimes, it’s just easier to delegate those tasks so you can spend your time doing what you really love. If you want to make money as a cannabis influencer, take a look at strategies employed by influencers of various niches. While finding your niche within the cannabis industry is important to building a following, you can learn lots of tips and tricks from influencers of all niches who have made it big. 

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