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Cannabis Industry Networking

March 29, 2022

You can’t forge a career path in the cannabis industry alone. But with the help of mentors, peers, and collaborators, a little support goes a long way in finding your dream cannabis job. 

Building a Network In Person 

The cannabis industry is booming, so there’s no use in hiding your passion for it. Share your love for the industry with people you meet and you’ll be surprised who they can connect you with. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to introduce you to their connections once they get to “know” you. It’s not about who you know, it’s about who the people you know know. You are only one degree away from someone who can change your life! 

There are many opportunities to build your cannabis industry network in person. Look for events where brands, businesses, and cannabis lovers come together to share their experiences with the plant. Whether they are held at a dispensary, expo, or festival, cannabis events are the perfect opportunity to build connections and expand your network. 

Building professional connections is as easy as introducing yourself to someone new. Have an “elevator pitch” planned so you can easily describe your skills and expertise to others. A convincing pitch effectively and persuasively describes your background in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Practice yours and see where it takes you! 

When meeting new cannabis industry connections in person, have a business card with your contact information to make a lasting impression. Collecting business cards from your new connections in return will also remind you to reach out to them later. 

Building a Network Online 

Social media is one of the simplest ways to meet new people in the cannabis industry. If you are looking to build your cannabis industry network, all you have to do is reach out to new people on your preferred social media platform. Whether you use Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter, it’s easy to find connections you have a lot in common with through a simple search. 

The best part about building your network online is that you can find people all over the world who share the same passion for your cannabis industry niche. Groups for budtenders, cannabis trimmers, women in cannabis, and much more exist to support these niches within the industry. Some of these groups host virtual meetings to discuss opportunities and advancement within their niche. 

Remember to be friendly when you reach out to someone new. You don’t have to immediately sell your services or be pushy. Instead, try to get to know them. Chances are that they have a great deal of knowledge to share, whether it’s through their content or direct interactions with you.

Important Connections to Have in Your Network 

Collaborators and Peers 

Having a friend at a similar stage in their cannabis industry career can be really useful for networking. Whether they are a coworker at your first cannabis job or a business partner at your new start-up, it can be useful to compare your individual experiences with each other. When you both move on to other positions, this person can introduce you to their new connections and even help you find roles where you might be a good fit. They can also serve as a great reference for you as you apply for new positions. 


A mentor in the cannabis industry can help you develop your career with their personal expertise. 

It’s typical to find a mentor while in the early stages of your career. Often they are a coworker, supervisor, or boss who takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes of the profession. As your cannabis career progresses, you may find other mentors who help you develop different skills or reach other goals. 

Mentors share valuable life lessons and connect you with opportunities that can advance your personal or career goals. They can also give you advice or support when you need it. 

One of the best parts about having a mentor is having access to their extended professional network. Your mentor can connect you with people, jobs, and opportunities in various sectors of the cannabis industry. They may even take you along to exclusive cannabis networking events or introduce you to people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. 

Mentors serve as great references when you are applying to new jobs. They can vouch for your skills and experiences, as well as describe why you would be a good candidate for the job. 

Connect with Your Network 

One of the best ways to expand your cannabis network is to strengthen the connections you already have. Check in with former coworkers to see how their cannabis careers are progressing. You may just gain some valuable insight about your own! 

Reaching out to former employers or supervisors is another great way to strengthen your network. Former employers can let you in on changes happening in their cannabis industry sector or even clue you in to new roles you might enjoy. 

While meeting for coffee to discuss life and career changes has its perks, sometimes it isn’t possible to get together in person. The good news is that you can reach out through social media. Whether you post an update about your cannabis career development or reach out to connections individually, you can have a huge reach with your online network. 

Building a Network in the Cannabis Industry 

Just like with any other career, you can’t advance in the cannabis industry without professional connections. The foundation of a strong network in the cannabis industry is great relationships with coworkers and supervisors at your first job. These connections will become the collaborators and mentors who support you throughout your cannabis industry career. 

Whether you meet professional connections in person or online, there are plenty of ways to build your cannabis industry network. Take advantage of the networking style that works for you to develop the connections you need, but don’t forget that there are two sides to every professional relationship. It’s important to extend support to your peers, fellow collaborators, and mentors in return. 

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